Oil Change Howell MI

Oil change at Schroeder’s Body Shop in Howell is a fantastic way to keep your auto or RV in top shape. We offer traditional and synthetic blends, and visually examine your vehicle from top to bottom to make sure everything is road worthy and safe. While we work on your vehicle, enjoy free wi-fi and complimentary coffee in our clean and comfortable brand new lobby.

We offer Three Levels of BG Automotive Lifetime Protection Plans and Products

Level 1: Basic Oil Change with BG Extended Life MOA.

BG Extended Life MOA Oil ChangeBG Extended Life MOA fortifies all engine oils, protects internal, vehicle components, and prevents oil consumption & oil thickening. Formulated with a powerful detergent and strong antioxidant properties, BG Extended Life MOA maintains engine oil lubricity and extends oil change intervals. 

Standard Oil $69.99, Synthetic Oil $99.99.

Level 2: Premier Oil Change with BG Extended Life MOA, and BG EPR.

BG EPR Engine Performance RestorationEPR poured into the crankcase with the used oil and circulated at an idle dissolves thick oil and deposits, cleaning the engine system while prepping it for the new oil. After the used oil and BG EPR are drained from the vehicle, new oil is installed and fortified with BG Extended Life MOA.

Standard Oil $89.99, Synthetic Oil $129.99.



Level 3: Performance Oil Change with BG Extended Life MOA, BG EPR and BG 44K.

BG MOA Oil ChangeBG EPR Oil ChangeBG 44K Fuel System CleanerBG 44K added in the fuel tank provides a thorough cleanse of the fuel system. Remove hard carbon deposits from the intake valves, combustion chamber, and catalytic converter for increased fuel economy and vehicle power. 

Standard Oil Change @ $119.99, Synthetic Oil Change @ $159.99.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan